Metrics-based Scorecard tool to evaluate team performances

The Ask

A provincial ministry asked Paralucent to create a Balanced Scorecard Proof-of-Concept (BSC PoC) tool for the ministry’s software development group. The goal was to establish a framework to systematically assess the performance of their project teams, on a range of metrics such as cost, resourcing, performance against objectives and more. The project included developing a Balanced Scorecard Framework and a Balanced Scorecard Development approach. The BSC is a metrics-based tool that will be used to support operational and strategic planning, execution of current delivery efforts, and ensure alignment with the broader vision and strategy of the stakeholders, with the goal of helping them improve their team performances.

Why the client partnered with Paralucent

The ministry had previously partnered with Paralucent on several multi-step, large-scale projects.

The Challenge

There was a lack of standardization of critical processes within and across teams, so that determining the baseline to track and measure performance was complex. Data was either not being collected by project teams or was being collected inconsistently. Additionally, there were multiple stakeholders to consider.

The Process

The Paralucent team conducted extensive user research, and from there created a framework that addressed how to strategically align performance between management and project teams. The team designed a business intelligence platform and created and tested a version of it. In consultation with multiple departments at the ministry, it then created a Balanced Scorecard Development Approach, for the scorecard design, dashboard setup, operationalization and application of the scorecard.

Measuring Success

The results included 40% more project visibility, improved project efficiency with the introduction of agile project management processes and 30% increase in employee feedback.

Services we provided:

  • Data and analytics 
  • Automation

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