What’s Paralucent about?

“Para” in Latin loosely means “beyond” and “lucent” in Latin loosely means "clear." Therefore Paralucent stands for “beyond clear.”

Paralucent began 20+ years ago,  determined to bring passion, collaboration and clarity to clients. The company was born as a much-needed alternative to big agencies. With emerging new platforms, digital transformation, advancing technologies and the rise of content-driven brand experiences, a fresh approach to digital activations and marketing was needed. We worked to free creative thinking and drive growth and strong partnerships with our clients. We wanted to foster a culture that let people really get to know clients and feel embedded and a part of the organizations they were serving. We built a model based on true collaboration so we could solve our clients’ problems more fully and authentically.

Today, we have 20+ full-time employees and 90+ contractors/consultants across the globe, with a collective of SMEs well over 300+!

We have grown into a global technology and marketing agency that lives at the intersection of technology and creativity, helping organizations grow in an age of digital and brand transformation. Our customer-centric processes are aimed at delivering smarter work that changes behaviours and unlocks growth. We are still that passionate, relentless, collaborative group that started this venture 20 years ago, but now we boast a truly remarkable team that embodies the same values and aspirations for our business and our clients.

At the core, we are global brand innovators and storytellers, utilizing our multidisciplinary skill sets to bring ideas and stories clearly to life.

Marketing and Creative

Who are we…  we who live at the
intersection of
technology & creativity?


Strategists, architects, designers, project managers, developers, and QA with rich technology experience and mastery of leading methodologies.


Highly effective solutions that live up to our promises and exceed expectations. We deliver technological and creative solutions with great attention to quality, cost and functionality. We also create campaigns, commercials, branding, graphic design, video, and do copywriting, PR and communications, and more!


Great things in the world come through committed partnerships that are built on trust and integrity and that have clear two-way communication. We believe in an inclusive environment that challenges traditional ways of working. We believe in curiosity, passion and collaboration so that everyone wins.


Marketers, designers, animators, writers, video producers, and media experts who bring depth of experience, curiosity and clarity to everything we do.


Love what you do.

A culture of love and curiosity.

This is our operating philosophy and our ethos. Curiosity underpins how we think and approach our work. It helps us find unique and creative ways to solve business problems by asking unexpected and different questions. That’s how we arrive at great ideas that drive impact. Our curiosity to learn and grow leads us to recruit, develop and nurture diverse team members who bring with them a wide range of viewpoints and opinions. We welcome these diverse voices because they help us open our hearts and minds and keep us growing.

We are successful due to an unwavering commitment to being the best, and we pass that success onto our partners and clients. Whether we’re developing applications, working for a community cause, building beautiful brands or creating compelling films, we believe in growth for our clients and strengthening the communities we serve.

Quite simply, we got into this business out of sheer love and passion for creating next-level solutions, and it’s why we continue to do what we do each and every day!

Our Values


We embrace diverse perspectives and know they make us better as people and as a team. We are committed to growing a diverse, inclusive and equitable team that understand our global audiences. We also aim to be a global leader in DEI work and champion equality.


We do what is right. Integrity is the foundation upon which our team members build relationships and foster trust. We’re dependable, and when we hold ourselves accountable for our actions, we become trusted partners with our clients and role models for all.


Passion is the driving force behind the why and how we show up every day. We love what we do and are relentlessly curious and excited about our world. We have an unwavering passion for marketing, communications, creative, and technology — and for bringing unique, game-changing solutions vividly to life.            


We don’t stand still because the world around us is in constant motion, demanding what is new and what is next. So we visualize,  iterate, adapt, and generate fresh ideas and never-before-seen innovations to deliver lasting, unique solutions for our clients and the customers they serve.


We strive to do more and do it well. We push boundaries, challenge ourselves and don’t give up. Instead of taking the easy route, we go beyond what’s expected. We’re not afraid of asking questions or making mistakes. Our drive to be better than yesterday results in excellence.