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Your people have worked hard to get ready for your next product release.

Sure, they have had to cut out a bunch of features and planned maintenance items due to unexpected production issues. And there is, once again, a chronic dearth of sleep while your people do a big push to get ready for the release. And these same people are now working Friday night - after hours - to manage the release and they subsequently work a weekend marathon shift to make it all work by Monday. And Monday comes with a deluge of support tickets. And your next development period starts but is already behind due to support issues and you all swear that next time will be better... but it probably won't be will it...?

If any of this sounds familiar, Paralucent can help.

Click For A BizDevOps Consultation

Let Paralucent help you start to make the move up to BizDevOps with a short consultation. BizDevOps is a client-centric cultural shift that moves your company to the next level. It helps to take the dread out of release night… and take the night out of release night.

Oh, and by the way, it also reduces your time to market, ensures that what you are doing is meaningful and achieves the ROI you expected and increases client engagement and retention.

  • Are you planning on growing your business?
  • Are you planning on retaining your talent?
  • Are you planning on staying in business?
  • Are you planning on being a leader in your market segment?
  • Are you a small or medium sized business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then BizDevOps is right for you and Paralucent can help.

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